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HyVolution 2023: For the first time the largest Hydrogen Industry exhibition will come to Chile

The fair and congress of reference in Europe for the field of green hydrogen will present the latest news, opportunities and innovations developed at international level.

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The fair and congress of reference in Europe for the field of green hydrogen will present the latest news, opportunities and innovations developed at international level. During the event, an international congress will be held in parallel, where strategic issues for the sector and the options to boost the energy transition will be discussed. Between June 28 and 30, 2023, the largest international hydrogen exhibition and congress, HyVolution, a meeting place for energy, industry and mobility in the hydrogen sector at international level, arrives for the first time in Chile. The fair will be held at the Metropolitan Santiago events center, where more than 100 exhibitors representing 15 countries will participate, bringing together in one place the supply and demand of the industry dedicated to the energy transition. It is estimated to receive more than 4 thousand visitors. The meeting will seek to encourage the energy transition, in particular green hydrogen, presenting the technological advances for the incorporation of this clean fuel in everyday life, the alternatives for the change of the current fossil fuel system for one based on renewable sources, and opportunities for international collaboration. It will also showcase the broad value chain in the areas of production, distribution, storage, services and solutions for the carbon-free market. “Faced with this initiative to promote the use of green hydrogen in the country, we are happy to present together with the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile) a collaborative space for the relationship of companies and the projection of the future of renewable energy. We will bring together the greatest related exponents to help promote change in the country, and throughout Latin America,” said Francisco Sotomayor, executive director of GL events. Meanwhile, María Paz De la Cruz, General Manager of H2 Chile, said that “as a guild we work hard to bring experiences from other locations to our country to share learning and accelerate the energy transition. In that sense, HyVolution is an opportunity to bring to Chile the advances that exist today along the entire value chain of green hydrogen, including everyday applications, through which the real development of the technology and the opportunity that this means for a carbon neutral future can be felt”. Considered beyond a shift towards conventional renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, hydrogen is presented as the best alternative to the transformation and evolution of energy sources, because it has combustion properties without greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, it is possible to implement this energy in a safe, profitable and reliable way when producing, storing, transporting and using it. The elements to develop a green hydrogen project are the use of renewable energy and the use of technology according to its location. Considering the presence of hydroelectric power plants, wind energy and solar parks in the country, Chile has the renewable resources that could drive a new energy industry. The GL events representative highlighted that “Chile has an outstanding wealth of renewable energies. Solar in the Atacama Desert and wind power in the south and center of the country. That is why it is considered an ideal territory to produce and export green hydrogen and its derivatives on a large scale. Our country could be the main producer and exporter of hydrogen and generate thousands of jobs”. HyVolution Chile is sponsored by the Chilean Ministry of Energy; ProChile; CORFO; Invest Chile; the French Embassy in Chile; the French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce; Mouvement des Entreprises de France International; and France Hydrogène.

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