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Hyvolution 2023 Launch: Announcing that the largest gathering of the Hydrogen Industry will come to Chile

The exhibition, international congress and networking space for the green hydrogen field will present the latest news, opportunities and innovations developed at international level.

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The exhibition, international congress and networking space for the green hydrogen field will present the latest news, opportunities and innovations developed at international level. Hyvolution Chile, the largest exhibition, international congress and networking space for the hydrogen world will arrive for the first time in Chile between June 28 and 30, 2023. In the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, and under the organization of FISA, of the GL events group, the co-organization of H2 Chile, and the collaboration of Corfo, was held the official launch of the professional meeting that will bring together the supply and demand of the energy, electromobility and hydrogen industries. The event of reference in Europe, specifically in France, launched its programmatic agenda through a networking event that brought together the most important players in the hydrogen, energy and electromobility industry in the country. In the instance, the team led by the manager of Hyvolution, Rodrigo Valenzuela, showed the participants the facilities that will host the most important hydrogen event, being the showcase that will give space to the latest news and innovations developed internationally in the field of green hydrogen in the world. In the same way, the topics that will be addressed at the international congress were presented, giving account of the relevance of promoting renewable energies, and the possibilities of growth of the industry in Chile. The talks and discussions will address topics on the urgency of climate action to stop the effects of climate change on the country’s ecosystems, new technologies for the generation and storage of clean fuels, territorial planning and aspects related to the social licensing of projects. The event was attended by authorities and representatives of public and private institutions, including the participation of the president of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, Hans-Werner Kulenkampff; the executive director of the Green Hydrogen Committee – CORFO, Ana Maria Ruz; and the Coordinator of the Energy Program GIZ Chile, Rodrigo Vasquez. “I have participated in many of the meetings that we have developed in Chile, and we really needed an international congress and a technology exhibition. We have not yet had one in Chile whose focus is to allow the actors to interact, to watch, to learn from technology, and it is key to have a unique role, which comes with HyVolution. For me it will be a very interesting event. We have to see how we can make this event not only for the companies, but also for the community. We must accelerate the learning curve so that people understand why we should do this in Chile and why now,” said the president of H2 Chile, Hans-Werner Kulenkampff. Similarly, Kulenkampff called on institutions linked to the renewable hydrogen industry to participate in this important event. “If you are a service provider, technology provider and want to learn about technologies and find new business opportunities, this will be the place where major industry players will meet next year.” Meanwhile, Ana María Ruz, said that “we see in the alliance with Hyvolution a very interesting opportunity to join forces to be able to show technologies, because we are in a stage no longer of evaluations but of project implementations, of capacity building and for that infrastructure and technologies are needed”. For Rodrigo Valenzuela, manager of Hyvolution Chile, “this meeting will bring together in one place the entire hydrogen and energy ecosystem, making Chile the official headquarters of the seventh version of Hyvolution in the world, and the first time in Latin America. The emerging hydrogen market is gaining momentum and establishing itself as an extremely promising sector, and there is a need for networking among stakeholders. We are happy to present this instance to bring together the latest innovations in the hydrogen market, boosting clean energy, and putting our country at the center of business opportunities. He added that “on February 1 and 2, 2023, the sixth version of Hyvolution will be held in Paris, whose main guest will be the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and whose main focus will be modernity, and the future and the commitment to the hydrogen sector”. The event, which will have the collaboration of the Chilean Hydrogen Association (H2 Chile), expects to bring together more than 100 national and foreign exhibitors from at least 15 countries. Hyvolution Chile is sponsored by the Ministry of Energy, the French-Chilean Chamber of Commerce, the French Embassy in Chile, Corfo, ProChile, InvestChile, France Hydrogène, Mouvement des Entreprises de France International and Acera. H2News, Green Hydrogen Multimedia Platform, as well as Minería Chilena and Nueva Minería will be media partners of the meeting. In advances related to the industry in Chile, last Tuesday, December 13, the Advisory Council of the Interministerial Committee for the Development of the Green Hydrogen Industry met for the first time, whose mission is to collaborate and technically advise the Interministerial Council, holding regular meetings every three months to analyze the general progress and actions developed.

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