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Hyvolution 2023: KH2 brings to Chile innovative green hydrogen bicycle

Kh2 will exhibit at Hyvolution 2023 a bicycle that recharges in just two minutes and whose consumption is enough for 150 kilometers, the equivalent of ten days of use in an urban area or a trip from Santiago to Viña del Mar.

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That is the proposal promoted by KH2, the new company that will import renewable technologies to make this challenge a reality and that will become one of the first firms in Chile to show the potential of green hydrogen energy. KH2 brings to Chile both the bicycles and tricycles adapted for this formula, as well as the green hydrogen generation stations needed for the supply, which are similar in size to fuel pumps and can supply other products and vehicles through the process of electrolysis on site. This model makes the vehicles an optimal tool for urban and rural transportation, with a range that is several times longer than that of an average electric bicycle (which typically reaches between 40 and 50 kilometers per charge) and in a fraction of the time, given that the process of recharging the lithium batteries in such bicycles currently takes between 4 and 6 hours. During 2023, KH2 will receive the first charge of bicycles with this technology and will carry out actions to raise awareness of the benefits of adopting this formula. Thus, in the coming months the models will be available for testing throughout the country, and KH2 will hold meetings with authorities to promote what would be one of the first initiatives in the country moved from green hydrogen. The company expects that, in 2024, the stations, cylinders and bicycles will be fully operational and marketed throughout the country. KH2 is breaking new ground in the electromobility and clean energy market, and we are excited about what the future holds,” the company said. Kh2 and many other companies will be at Hyvolution 2023, the first green hydrogen exhibition and congress in Chile, which will be held at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center from June 28-30.

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