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Toyota and its Mirai model will be part of the first edition of Hyvolution in Chile

The Japanese company will participate as an exhibitor in the Hydrogen Congress and as a panelist in the block on Community and Environment.

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Between June 28 and 30, the first Hydrogen Congress in Chile, Hyvolution, will be held at the Metropolitan events center in Santiago, which aims to bring together in one place the entire ecosystem related to this industry. Toyota, as the pioneer company in developing hydrogen technology in a passenger vehicle, will be present as an exhibitor brand, through its Mirai model, and as a panelist in the “Environment and Communities” block, to be held on Friday at 12.30 pm. “We wanted to participate because of the different initiatives that we as a company have implemented in Chile. Starting with our Every Liter Counts campaign, which replaced courtesy washing in our technical services with dry cleaning, in order to save liters of water. We also have our Toyota Forest campaign, a project we developed together with the Reforestemos Foundation, in which we planted a native tree in the central-south zone of the country for each hybrid car sold in our dealerships. Finally, the arrival of Mirai is a milestone to generate interest and development of this new technology, always thinking about a more sustainable future,” said Felipe Silva, New Business Manager of the company, who will also participate in the panel of experts. Since its inception, Toyota has worked under the guidelines of sustainable development, investing in technology and innovation, without losing sight of the quality of its products and services. This approach was reinforced through the launch of its Carbon Neutral Strategy to 2050, which seeks to reduce its CO2 emissions, with that year as the target date. Proof of this is the company’s track record. “In 2007 we began the introduction of hybrid technology in our country, with the Prius model, a technology that is capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 30% and generating fuel savings of up to 40%”, says Silva. Currently, the Toyota group has nine models with hybrid engines for sale in the country, between the Toyota and Lexus brands. In 2022, 2,100 units of vehicles with this technology were sold, representing 80% of the low-emission car market. “Our hybrid technology is self-recharging, so it does not need to be plugged in to charge its battery, thus freeing up an investment in infrastructure. We believe that the road to carbon neutrality must be complemented with all possible technologies, which allow us to collaborate in reducing CO2 emissions including hybrids, plug-in, electric and hydrogen,” says the company manager. “On the other hand, our country has a competitive advantage worldwide to become a producer of Green Hydrogen and Toyota Mirai is a great step for the expansion of the infrastructure necessary for the development of this technology,” he said.

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