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Main news Hyvolution 2023 Congress:

Entrepreneurial initiatives, advances in hydrogen projects, and hydrogen applications in various industries marked the second day of the day

Today the international congress was marked by the “day of entrepreneurship”, an instance in which high authorities and experts in the field participated raising the main challenges of green hydrogen, and how to promote renewable energies.

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Santiago, June 29, 2023 – The meeting of green hydrogen, renewable energy and mobility, Hyvolution Chile 2023, continued on Thursday, June 29 with the “Day of business initiatives”, which was marked by the great interest of the attendees in the five panels of the day. In the instance, the challenges that have the projects that are being located in the country and what is the national and international outlook for the production of green hydrogen were presented. The meeting, held at the Metropolitan Santiago convention center, began with Panel 4: “Advances in green hydrogen projects in Chile”, which included the outstanding participation of Asunción Borrás, Head Business Development H2, Engie; Nicola Borregaard, General Manager EBP Chile; Luis Sarrás, Hydrogen Business Director for South America, AES; Juan Pablo Fiedler, Green Hydrogen Manager, Colbún; and Álvaro Valladares, New Markets Manager, EDF renewbables Chile. Asunción Borrás, Vice President of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, H2 Chile, noted the significant attendance and growing interest in the green hydrogen industry. In the panel, she stressed that “we are all clear and we know the challenges that the development of the industry has. We need to generate domestic demand as an initial trigger and as an incentive for investment, otherwise it is very difficult to achieve competitiveness. In particular, he referred to the logistical challenges and the need to orchestrate shared infrastructure. We want to grow with the region, but obviously we want to do it in a meaningful way, not replicating each one a port or a transmission line. It must be something optimizable for the territory”. In this sense, Borrás showed a positive vision of the future of the industry: “We have a commitment to develop it. It requires hard work and we are willing to do it. I believe that the entire sector and companies have reaffirmed our commitment to the country to make this happen”. For his part, Juan Pablo Fiedler, Colbun’s green hydrogen manager, stressed that to achieve growth “it is important the collaboration between the different developers in all the companies that are driving this industry. The same with the collaboration with the State, and this instance of convening the entire industry for three days is very important to move forward in this collaboration and to continue promoting this challenge. The day continued with Panel 5: “New uses and applications of green hydrogen in mining, transportation, logistics and other industries”, with speakers Andrés Palomino, Country Manager Energy Industries Division Chile, ABB; Denis Girault, CEO, Alstom; Ignacio Pérez, Director Business Development at First Mode; Diego Fernández, General Manager ULOG Chile and director ULOG LATAM; and Dr. Stefan Kaufmann, Hydrogen Executive Adviser, Thyssenkrupp. Also during the conference, the possibilities were analyzed according to international advances, both in terms of technology and public policies. After the presentation, Denis Girault, CEO of Alstom, commented: “We discussed the use of green hydrogen in various industries, such as mining, logistics industry, robotics, and there are several potential applications for vehicles in the country. This shows that Chile is made to be the supplier of green hydrogen worldwide and we want to see how we can have a local application that also leverages the global situation,” he concluded. Subsequently, Panel 6 “Inputs for the production of green hydrogen: electrolyzers, water and others” was held, with Wagner Ragazzo, Area Sales Manager Latin America, Sundyne LLC, INECO; Diana Ewing, Vice President, ACADES; Francisco Olguin, Water Treatment Manager, INSTRUVALVE; Consuelo Glaría López, Business Development and Sales Manager, Latam Electrolyzers, Accelera by Cummins; and Sebastián Álvarez, Engineering Leader, TRA SpA. On the occasion, the elements and inputs surrounding the production of hydrogen were presented, highlighting that they have the same importance as other aspects for the development of the industry. Panel 7: “The Chile-Europe hydrogen value chain: What are the next steps?”, was composed by foreign and Chilean panelists: Mikaa Mered, Analyst, AHE Green Hydrogen Ambassador; Joan Leal, CEO EDF Chile; Alejandro Buvinic, head of the Division of Services, Investment and Digital Economy of the Undersecretary of International Economic Relations. The experts, after their presentation, concluded that Chile has great possibilities to export to Europe, but it requires collaboration and hard work from the public and private sectors. The last panel of the day “Green hydrogen: Latin American reality, Europe and the rest of the world”, presented the context of the region and future projections. This was integrated by María José Navajas, Director Corfo Magallanes; Daniel Cámac, President H2 Peru; Federico Bernardelli, International Relations Office, Ministry of Energy; Mónica Gasca, Executive Director, Hidrógeno Colombia. On Friday 30 will be the last day of the international congress called “Hydrogen Value Chain”, which will have 4 panels: – “Financial opportunities available for companies linked to green hydrogen”. – Innovation and developments in green hydrogen”. – “Environment and communities”. – “Human capital. the link between talent training paths for the h2V industry.” See the Congress program: TECHNICAL DATA SHEET. Days and times: The event will be held on June 28-30. From 09:30 to 18:00 hours. PRESS CONTACT: Cristián Larraín +569 52087993 Ricardo Varas +569 4432 6608

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