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Within the framework of Hyvolution: H2 CHILE and France Hydrogène sign memorandum of understanding to accelerate hydrogen deployment in France and Chile

Diego Pardow, Chile’s Minister of Energy, valued the signing and described it as “a sign of trust”, while Marcos Kulka, executive director of H2 Chile, co-organizer of the fair to be held in September at Metropolitan Santiago, said that the memorandum “will allow the exchange of knowledge and potential agreements”.

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On Thursday, February 1, Philippe Boucly, president of France Hydrogène, and Marcos Kulka, executive director of H2 Chile, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the framework of the Hyvolution Paris fair at the Chilean Embassy. This document aims to foster collaboration and cooperation between the two hydrogen associations to accelerate the development of the hydrogen economy in France and Chile. This alliance will bring together the capabilities and expertise of both organizations for the benefit of their respective hydrogen ecosystems.

Diego Pardow, Chile’s Minister of Energy, valued the signing and the scope of the agreement. “Green hydrogen has a fundamental role in Chile’s path towards the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050, and France is a strategic partner to achieve this goal. In fact, in 2021 we signed the Chile-France Joint Declaration on Low Carbon Hydrogen, for the development of clean energy and environmental protection”.

The authority also highlighted the link between H2 Chile and France Hydrogène. “It adds to this commitment between governments, as it is a sign of confidence in our institutional framework and in the multiple efforts of public and private collaboration that we carry out to promote the implementation of green hydrogen and its derivatives in our country”.
For his part, Philippe Boucly, President of France Hydrogène, said he was “delighted to develop our collaboration with H2 Chile to establish effective links between hydrogen partnerships.”

“Chile presents great potential for the development of a thriving hydrogen economy. Many French companies and organizations are already developing projects and collaborating with Chilean players. Following the signing of the Chile-France Joint Declaration on Low Carbon Hydrogen, France Hydrogène and H2 Chile have participated in the intergovernmental working group. We look forward to continuing to support this bilateral cooperation for the benefit of our respective members, communities and ecosystems, through our common struggle to decarbonize our economies,” said Boucly.

Marcos Kulka, Executive Director of H2 Chile, added that “with this alliance between France Hydrogène and H2 Chile, it is possible to approach one of the strongest partnerships in Europe, the main destination market for our exports of green hydrogen and its derivatives. It will allow us to exchange knowledge and potential agreements between our partners in this nascent industry, to fulfill the promise of decarbonizing our economies and the planet. Between the two partnerships, we managed to have the vision of more than 600 partners from the most diverse industries in terms of technical, territorial, financial, infrastructure and, of course, uses and applications.”

This Memorandum of Understanding between France Hydrogène and the Chilean Hydrogen Association demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to collaborate for the benefit of their members and the industries they represent. It is a non-binding agreement that lays the groundwork for future cooperation and joint initiatives.

Key points of the MoU between H2 Chile and France Hydrogène

– Dialogue between national hydrogen associations: facilitate the development of effective links between France Hydrogène and H2 Chile on behalf of their members.
– Knowledge sharing: support the growth and beneficial impact of the sector and develop and share best practices in the development of their respective hydrogen economies and ecosystems.
– Hydrogen project development: enhance participation among members along the value chain to support the development of partnerships.
– Capacity building: support skills development, training, education and broader academic outreach activities.
– Resource sharing: coordinate news, communications and events where appropriate and in common interest.

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