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Women in Green Hydrogen Network held its first official session

The Women in the Green Hydrogen Industry Network held its first official meeting yesterday with over 100 participants. This broad network of professionals has its focus on strengthening the inclusion and participation of women in this emerging sector. The session began with a dynamic introduction of the attendees, followed by an invitation to interact via chat, establishing an atmosphere of collaboration and openness.

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During the meeting, the importance of sustainable labor inclusion of women in the green hydrogen industry was highlighted, presenting the four fundamental pillars of the roadmap designed to achieve this goal. The pillars range from education and training to access to equal employment opportunities.

Various initiatives aimed at fostering female presence in the industry were presented, such as an innovative Corfo course that includes a specific module on gender and an active campaign to encourage female participation. In addition, the relevance of integrating soft and leadership skills into professional development programs for women was stressed, recognizing these competencies as essential for advancement in the sector.

A central theme was labor reconversion in local territories, highlighting the need to develop cross-cutting skills and ensure the inclusion of women in these training programs. A proposal was made to hold a spokesperson workshop and a leadership course exclusively for the network, in order to empower participants and prepare them for leadership roles and participation in public spaces.

The IFI project was also presented, which seeks to attract investment in the green hydrogen industry in the Ñuble region, with a focus on the provision of services and the development of local suppliers. The meeting concluded with the planning of a WhatsApp group to maintain dialogue and explore future benefits, as well as the idea of creating a program to train master guides specialized in energy, with the aim of inspiring more young women to join the industry.

This Network was born in October 2023 in a ceremony that included a special greeting from the former President of the Republic and member of the H2V Strategic Committee, Michelle Bachelet, who highlighted the importance of the “Women in Green Hydrogen Network”. “This initiative not only symbolizes the commitment to gender equity, but is also an essential step to ensure that the transition to the green hydrogen economy is inclusive, fair and sustainable,” she said.

Image: H2V Women’s Network Launch in October 2023.

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