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Successful first day of the Hyvolution Chile 2023 international congress

This Wednesday, June 28, began the largest green hydrogen meeting in Chile with the “Government Policy Day”, highlighting the large participation of people in its first three panels.

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The first version of Hyvolution 2023 had a successful opening day with the participation of prominent national and international authorities from the public and private sectors, including the presence of the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, honorary president of the meeting. Parallel to the exhibition, the international congress began with the “Government Policies Day”, which exceeded the expected attendance, filling the seminar room in each of its three panels. The first panel of the day, “National Green Hydrogen Strategy: Chile and its territories”, was led by Jorge Flies, Governor of the Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica; Ricardo Diaz, Governor of the Region of Antofagasta; and Cecilia Dastres, head of the Division of Participation and Community Relations, Ministry of Energy. The panelists presented and discussed the challenges facing the regions of Antofagasta and Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica with respect to the development of projects related to green hydrogen, their projections and how they relate to the communities and the environment. Cecilia Dastres highlighted the relevance of the projects and the important relationship with the communities where they are located. “It is important to know who their neighbors are, where they are being installed, what impacts they could have. There are details that must be taken care of in order to locate projects. This is the basis for this industry to develop well, without generating the impacts that other types of activities have had in the past”, said Dastres. For his part, the Governor of Magallanes, Jorge Flies, indicated the need to have all the public, private and academic actors sitting in the same space, adding that “we are impressed with this first Hyvolution event in Chile, and with the one in France at the beginning of the year. I believe that Chile has an extraordinary opportunity in a new productive and energy matrix, especially for the regions of Antofagasta and Magallanes. This is the opportunity to take the definitive step towards an industry that is sustainable and of great national impact, together with our populations to provide them with a better quality of life”. The afternoon session continued with panel 2: “Permitting and regulation in green hydrogen”, where a high variety of panelists were presented, in which participated Heinz Dobbel, Advisor of the Sustainable Productive Development Division and Juan Pablo Johnson, Coordinator Monitoring of Projects and Public Policies,both from the Ministry of Economy; Karla Chace, Head of the Hydrocarbon Unit, Ministry of Energy; Cristian Rojas, Head of the Innovation and Mining Development Department, Ministry of Mining; Víctor Pérez, Logistics Development Program Advisor, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications; and Juan Cristóbal Moscoso, Head of the Evaluation and Citizen Participation Division, SEA. The panelists presented their vision of what is coming in relation to the development of the Green Hydrogen industry and the need to have a regulatory framework for its progress. In this sense, they all highlighted the joint work being done between the ministries. In this sense, panel 3 “Shared Infrastructure”, addressed the necessary collaboration between public and private institutions, in this case with respect to infrastructure, where working together will accelerate the development of green hydrogen in Chile. The panel was formed by: Jorge Taboada, executive director, SOVENTIX; Ana Maria Ruz, executive director, Committee for the Development of H2V, Corfo; Gonzalo Moyano, CEO, MAE Energy. “We are happy with the great attendance that the first day of the Hyvolution 2023 international congress has presented. This shows the commitment and interest in developing the green hydrogen industry in Chile and Latin America, and the importance of the sector, with important delegations from more than 15 countries. Therefore, we invite everyone to participate in the remaining days and to be part of the fair, congress and networking areas,” said Rodrigo Valenzuela, manager of Hyvolution 2023. Today, Thursday, June 29, the congress will continue with the “Entrepreneurship Day”, featuring five panels: – “Advances green hydrogen projects in Chile”. – “New uses and applications of green hydrogen in Mining, Transportation, Logistics and other industries”. – “Inputs for the production of green hydrogen: Electrolyzers, water and others”. – “The Chile-European hydrogen value chain: What are the next steps?” – “Green hydrogen: Latin American reality, Europe and the rest of the world”.

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