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HyVolution Chile will develop a promotion plan, at national and international level, that will attract decision makers from: a) Potential off-takers: oil refinery, mining, inter-urban buses, explosives, gas blending, ammonia exports, pulp & paper, ports, etc. b) Financing & investors: funding for consortiums projects. c) Technology development: FCEVs and hydrogen; driven mining truck vehicles, aircrafts, ships & vessels. d) Energy generation: renewables, wind & solar generation infrastructure, transmission. e) Hydrogen production: technologies providers, transport & storage, products (green ammonia, blue fertilizers, methanol, etc.). f) Ecosystem builder: ministries, universities, associations, embassies, R+D centers, etc.

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Comercial Contact

Maria de los Ángeles Troncoso



Fono: +56 9 94496237 I + 562 25307231