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Why Chile?

a) In 2021, Chilean Ministry of Energy published the National Green Hydrogen Strategy with a long-term roadmap. b) This strategy defined goals and timeline for local H2 production, installed electrolysis capacity and investments. c) Additionally, the use of green hydrogen in domestic applications will generate an industry prepared to compete in international export markets. d) Investment in green hydrogen will lead to significant national capabilities and the creation of dynamic economic ecosystems throughout the country. e) Citizen and communities’ participation; role of private / public companies, and human capital with focus in new talents are also other key issues to be addressed. f) +40 projects have already sprung in Chile. g) In May 2022, a Committee for the Productive Development of the Green Hydrogen Industry was created. It will be leaded by the Ministry of Energy and will coordinate to different key players and initiatives of public policies to foster the opportunities in this industry. Source: • Ministry of Energy of Chile, https://energia.gob.cl/h2; • CORFO: www.Corfo.cl; • Invest Chile: www.investchile.gob.cl

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